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>> what who is the president right now? is he or she running? because, if so, experience is maybe something we should consider. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. this is the fox report. tonight, do you have a credit card? you may be due a refund. millions of us are. as a major lender gets ready to shell out about $200 million. plus, the president of iran now in new york city and delivering some strong words to the united states and israel. mahmoud ahmadinejad says that israel is a fake regime that has no roots in the middle east. and that he does not fear any attack on his nation's nuclear program. >> ahmadinejad foolish, offensive and sometimes
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unintel lidgeable things with great regulator. >> shepard: one of ahmadinejad's top generals says in the event of war his source also target u.s. bases in the middle east. plus, say good by to free checking. a new report claims banks are finding new ways to nickel and dime us customers. the sky high fees and what you can do to fight back. and frustration and anger at the nfl's replacement referees. another wild week of blown and missed calls and now coaches, players, and fans are demanding the league make a deal to save the integrity of the game. and we'll get to that. but first from fox this monday night, a top iranian commander is now threatening to target united states military bases should israel attack iran's nuclear program. iran's president is here in the big sitting mouthing off as ever even after the head of the united nations warned him you better tone it down.
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mahmoud ahmadinejad in new york city set to speak to the u.n. general assembly this week but oh, today, he enlightened us all with a preview when he said israel is a fake regime that will be, quote: eliminated. >> we have witnessed that some members of the security council with veto right have chosen violence with regards to the nuclear warheads of a fake regime while at the same time they impede scientific progress of other nations. >> shepard: the white house firing back, quote: president mahmoud ahmadinejad's comments are uncharacteristically discussing -- i sudden say characteristically disgusting, offensive, and outrageous. they underscore, again why the u.s. whiment to israel unshakeable and why the world must hold iran accountable to meet its obligations. its fox top story and jonathan hunt is live on it from the united nations. clearly the iranian president is not heeding anybody's
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warnings. >> not for one minute, shep. that warning from the u.n. secretary general came in a meeting he held with the iranian president which he he said given the tensions in so many parts of the world right now as he put it, incendiary rhetoric would not be helpful and might be down right dangerous. but, within hours of that meeting, mr. ahmadinejad was back at exactly that kind of incendiary rhetoric. in fact, saying that israel could not attack and that iran does not fear israel one iota. listen. >> fundamentally we do not take seriously the threats of the zionists vis-a-vis an attack on iran by them even though iran is a great country and let me assure you, we do have all defensive means at our disposal and we are ready to defend ourselves. now president ahmadinejad will address the u.n. assembly on wednesday. this will be his last
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appearance here as president because of term limits it seems that that he wants to leae everyone, shep with a speech that they won't soon forget. >> shepard: that would stand to reason. and side with history. jonathan, his won't be the only speech to pay attention to this week. far from it. >> certainly won't. just 24 hours after the iranian president speaks, israeli prime minister ben i benjamin netanyahu will address the u.n. assembly he is he expected to focus almost entirely on the nuclear threat as he sees it from iran. there will also be a lot of other speeches to watch from those countries who have gone through the so-called arab spring. chief among them, perhaps, the address by egypt's new islamist president mohammed morsey. he will talk, we are told, about how the u.s. needs to recalibrate its relationship with many arab nations in the wake of the violence that has gripped so many of those countries over the past week.
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these u.n. general assemblies often don't mean much but clearly this year, shep, all of these speeches, given all the texas -- tensions and every word uttered from that podium is going to be worth watching and listening to, shep. >> shepard: president obama is also here in new york city set to speak to the u.n. tomorrow. today, governor mitt romney went after the president for calling recent violence in the middle east and north africa bumps in the road. >> this is time for the president who will shape events in the middle east, not just be merciful or be at membersy of the events of the middle east. i will get america on track to have the kind of leadership we need so we can save for the future of this part of the world and keep america strong. >> republicans are also criticizing the president for not meeting one-on-one with any world leaders this week. last year, he was here for the same thing. he met with more than a dozen. so what's the difference this time? we'll hear from the white house inside fox report. first, we're getting new signs
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that the big banks in our country have not stopped nickel and diming customers in recent years. you probably knew that listen to this. free checking accounts have actually suddenly become a lot harder to find. take a look here. a new survey from personal finance research firm bank rate shows that just 39% of banks are even offering checking accounts with no minimum balance requirements. sharp drops three out of four financial institutions had free checking then. can you aforget about avoiding extra fees to use the bank's atm. first time in the studdie's history. every single bank surveyed charged nonbank customers to withdraw from their cash machine. cheryl casone from the fox business network is with us now. what's going on here, cheryl? >> these banks have to make money. they are under pressure from the government from the fdic from dodd franks still being written, frankly, also got to deal with the consumer protection bureau. all of this means more regulation on 00 banks. they have got to pay the attorneys.
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they also have to make money for shareholders after the big bailouts we saw in 2008, shep. these companies are now focused on making money, profitability and that means targeting customers. now, you mentioned it it, 39% of free checking accounts are noninterest accounts. but there are ways that you can certainly put your bank on notice and the biggest thing is tell them that you are going to leave. the problem is, shepard, people don't leave. 72% of those out there surveyed said absolutely i'm going to leave my bank if i am charged with higher fee but they don't. what you say in a poll and what you actually do two different things. bank rate actually showed us, shepard, that data as well. >> shepard: smaller customers get hit the hardest. how do we stay clear of the fees. >> few things, minimum balances. keep a minimum balance over about $700, that's one perfect way to not be hit with these extra fees. also, if you are going to have an atm card go to your own blank. believe it or not, you could be charged almost $5 between
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your bank and another bank if you don't use your own atm. and then sign up for direct deposit. if you have a company, you work for a company that offers direct deposit, do that. that also will eliminate the fees for customers. you have got to be smart and you have also got to read the fine print. luckily with new regulations the fine print is in there. it's annoying. if you read it you might be okay. >> shepard: cheryl casone in for gerri willis tonight. one credit card company will soon shell out $200 million or so to card holders over deceptive marketing practice. feds are accusing discover payment protection and identity theft protection among other things. the regulators say that in some cases, call center workers led card holders to believe these add ons were free. definitely were not. the company will pay $14 million fine and refund $200 million to the customers affected. last week, discover's chairman and ceo said we have worked
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hard to earn the loyalty of our card customers and we are committed to marketing our products responsibly. and they are gonna pay. u.s. officials tell fox news the deadly consulate attack in libya has become a major intelligence set back for agencies including the cia. and this comes as the libyan military tries to disarm and disband the nation's very powerful militias. it's a complicated set of circumstances and we will get a life report from libya coming up. plus refresh your recollection on facebook? there -- plus, are you on fain. private messages popping up on public time lines. think about that has it happened to you? do you even know? we have it all as fox reports live tonight. big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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>> nearly two weeks after that deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in. libya has dealt a powerful blow to not one but two militia groups. army colonel told reuters news agency the army raided several
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militia outpost in the nation's capital and successfully replaced the former leaders of those armed groups with officers from libya's own military in benghazi. this comes after that wave of anti-militia protest which sparked -- which started up late last week. keep in mind here, intelligence experts have linked at least one militant group to the attack that killed four people including the u.s. ambassador to libya. yesterday, libyans president ordered those militias to join with the government or disband all together. today, the united states secretary of state hillary clinton had positive words about the recent developments in libya. the people of the arab world did not set out to trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob. there is no dignity in that. the people of benghazi sent this message loudly and clearly on friday. when they forcefully rejected the extremists in their midst. >> the "new york times" newspaper is reporting that as
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many as a dozen cia operatives and contractors had to evacuate benghazi after the attack earlier this month. and that's a real problem. in fact, one u.s. official reportedly said and i quote it's a catastrophic intelligence loss. we got our eyes poked out. greg palkot live in libyans capital city, tripoli, greg? >> hey, shep. the deadline has just passed for the rogue militias to disband and disappear from their bases. there is no way to confirm that deadline has been met but libyan government official told us today things are going well. here in tripoli, we saw one base that militants were booted out of in their place we saw soldiers and police, other bases as well in this area taken over. over in benghazi eastern libya. scene of that dramatic protest over the weekend aimed at militants and other protests today against a brigade seen as still causing problems. some experts here are worrying
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that it is simply a tactical withdrawal by the militia government officials telling us that deadline is movable. more details about the killing in benghazi of ambassador stevens and three other americans. following that report of the big ci operation at the consulate. some here are speculating that the very presence of operatives and their tracking of militants might have been key in drawing that attack. the "new york times" is also reporting that mib agents are already on 00 ground in benghazi. we have got a couple sources saying otherwise, but everyone agrees that it is a tough security situation in that city throughout the country, making for very hard detective work for americans and libyans, the latest word we are getting from libyan officials 25 suspects in custody. nowhere near apparently a finding someone to charge. >> denying reports that users'
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private messages have gone public. users are claiming that they have absolutely found old messages that were supposed to be private all the time. suddenly on their public walls. but facebook reports that is not even possible. the company has now issued a statement and here it is. our engineers investigated these reports and found that the messages were older wall posts that had always been visible on the profile pages. facebook stock took another plunge today falling nearly 9% after financial magazine barrons reported the stock is still overvalued. barrons happens to be owned by the parent company of this network. apple new i phone slower sales sent apple stocks plunging. falling from record high above $700 a share. it closed down more than 9 points. to $690 and change. that's not exactly a plunge. anyway, it happened after apple announced it sold
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5 million iphone 5's since its debut on friday. that's fewer than analysts expected and not helping matters that huge brawl at the chinese fox con factory. that's the company fox con that puts apple products together. as many as 2,000 workers reportedly rioted in a worker dormitory. that shut down production. no word on what caused the fight. more students in one big city can now get access to the morning after birth control pill and mommy and daddy will never know. you will hear the arguments for and against the program next. plus, the heart break at the national zoo. this panda's cub was less than a week old when doctors found it dead. now we're learning what may have killed that cub. that's coming next. >> announcer: this is the day. the day that we say to the world of identity thieves "enough." we're lifelock, and we believe you have the right to live free
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>> shepard: the largest school district in our nation now reports it's expanding access to the so-called morning after birth control. and students can now get it from the school without permission from parents. the place is new york city. the pilot began, the pilot program began at five public high schools early last year. now students at 13 schools can get the plan b emergency contraceptive regardless of age. plan b is supposed to reduce the risk of pregnancy if taken within a few days after sex. it's not the same as the so-called abortion pill. the city reports it informed parents of this by a letter and that only about 1% or 2% of parents have chosen to opt p. opponents have said the government is going too far in this case. the department of held have responded with this statement. in new york city over 7,000 young men became pregnant by age 17. 0% of which are unplanned. we are committed to trying to new approaches like this pilot
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program in place since january of 2011 to improve a situation that can have life-long consequences. julie this is not the first time the new york city health department has made contraception part of its business. >> no it has not. first it was condoms and now the morning after pill as you say is available to teenage girls in new york stock exchange since apparently preventative contraceptives haven't been enough to prevent young girls from getting pregnant. >> girl news is we have brought teenage pregnancy down by 25% over the last 10 years. the bad news is there is still an awful lot of girls who get pregnant at a very early age when history shows it's very difficult to raise a child. >> well, the good news is that now this is out there and we're hoping that it makes a difference. the so-called catch program which has been in place since january of 2011, stands for connecting add low descents to comprehensive healthcare. offered to all girls who
4:23 pm
attend schools involved in the program no matter their age and has reportedly been met with little resistance from patience. moms and dads were asked to filled out a form which asks them to pick any or all four types of reproductive services they didn't want their children to receive. >> shepard: is teen pregnancy a bigger problem in new york city than other cities? >> yeah it seems to be a very big problem in this city. according to the new york city health department, shep, this pilot program is aimed at improving a situation that can have lifelong consequences. and in the year 2011-2012 that school year students received 567 emergency contraception known as plan b and a 80 received the birth control pill. new york city though, i should say, by the way is not alone in this plan. in fact, there are currently around 200 schools nationwide that provide its students with emergency contraception or plan b. shep? >> shepard: julie banderas in our newsroom, thanks. >> sure. >> shepard: new study finds that parents don't always fill
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their kids' prescriptions. researchers looked at nearly 5,000 children received 17,000 prescriptions from doctors. they found that parents picked up only one of every five prescriptions. one. and were most likely to fill them for antibiotics. buff they only filled nutritional and vitamin supplement transcriptions 75% of the time. researchers likely feel the need for antibiotics is more immediate. officials at the national zoo in d.c. say they are devastated after finding the zoo's 6 day old baby panda inside its den yesterday. workers tried to revive the thing after momma bear let out a distress call it was too late. they say it appears the newborn had liver problems but they don't know for sure what killed it. zoo keepers say they had all been given up hope that the giant panda would conceive which is notoriously difficult for endangered species. she has been cradling a plastic toy since her cub
4:25 pm
died. officials say it took some time took some time come out of the den and eating again. giant pandas hairless and very fragile. susceptible to. however zoo officials say that's not what happened. they are not sure what did. governor romney packing up campaign bus and heading to crucial swing state. taking on president obama for violence. bumps in the road. team fox coverage ahead. ed henry and carl cammeron both on set tonight. they live in fear as we approach the bottom of the hour and fox top story. i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many
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>> shepard: survivors of an avalanche that killed nine climbers and left six others missing say disaster struck as they sleep. the avalanche hit about 4:00 in the morning on sunday on the world's 8th tallest peek in the mountains of nepal as two dozen climbers were asleep in their tent. italian man that survived said he and a fellow climber couldn't see a thing when that avalanche started rolling down on their tent in the mountain. >> we were sitting down. everything dark. without food, without clothes, without lamp, without nothing. we stay for an hour waiting for the light of the sun. >> shepard: the french foreign ministry reports two french climbers are still unaccounted
4:30 pm
for the rescue efforts to find them is likely over for good. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour and time for fox top story. governor mitt romney is going after president obama for calling recent violence in the middle east and north africa, quote, bumps in the road. >> he said the developments in the middle east are bumps in the road. [ laughter ] >> yeah, that was my reaction. bumps in the road? we had an ambassador assassinated. we had a muslim brotherhood elected -- member elected to the presidency of egypt. 20,000 people have been killed in syria. we have at temult in pakistan. iran is that much closer to having the capacity to building a nuclear weapon. these are not bumps in the road. these are human lives. >> white house says comments like that are quote desperate and offensive. ed henry is following the
4:31 pm
president. the president is here to speak tomorrow at the united nations so ed is with us. this bump in the road thing, it's working out for the other side politically quite well. >> a big deal right now because obviously national security all of a sudden front and center on the front burner. it's mostly been about the economy but after that terror attack earlier this month. libya really put things back front in center. and after the sicket minutes interview last night on cbs. when the president suggested that perhaps this was just a bump in the road, republicans pounced. take a listen to the president. >> i think it was absolutely the right thing for us to do to align ourselves with democracy. universal rights, a notion that people have -- have to be able to participate in their own governance. but i was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that they -- there are going to be bumps in the road. a lot of these places one organizing principle has been islam. >> now white house aides today
4:32 pm
though were pointing out what the president was referring to was not just the recent events in libya but going back to the arab spring in 2011 and saying that the context here is he is saying this is not going to go so smoothly after the arab spring. it's going to take time to see whether or not freedom, democracy takes over. >> shepard: the president is getting good deal of criticism for being here in new york general assembly and not sitting down with any of the world leaders. this is a departure from last year when he was here at the u.n. he had something like 13 one-on-one meetings with world leaders. of course is he going to meet with world leaders on the sidelines. the clear reason why he doesn't want to have some meetings here it could leefdz to unforced errors on this issue of foreign policy. today jay carney was insisting he is still in touch with a lot of foreign leaders. take a listen. >> the president has just in the last few weeks had extensive consultations with foreign leaders including the leaders of egypt, israel,
4:33 pm
yemen, turkey, libya, and those consultations will continue. not just with leaders in the region but with leaders around the world. it is part of the job of being president. that that be the case. and he will certainly encounter many leaders tonight in new york as well as tomorrow. >> now, the point is in the heat of a presidential campaign, the last thing the president wants is something popping up, a question about libya or something like that one of these bilateral meetings that ends up becoming fodder on the campaign trail. the phones in the white house still work. he can call benjamin netanyahu or any one of these leaders. it's not like is he taking a timeout. >> shepard: it's an optics problem for him at least for the movement. >> no doubt about it. >> the cnn got ahold of this diary after the assassination of the ambassador. the diary belonged to the ambassador. they reported some details in it after having some sort of conversation with the family. the state department has been all over him for it we have new stuff on this diary. >> absolutely. the state department coming down very hard on cnn. because, in that diary.
4:34 pm
at that points that ambassador stevens was suggesting that he was concerned about his security, about the situation on the ground. cnn put out a statement saying, quote: cnn did not report on the journal out of respect for the family. we felt there were issues raised in the journal which required full reporting which we did. state department top aid to secretary clinton fired back said given how this was handled, cnn patting themselves on the back is disgusting. what they are not owning up to and s. reading and transcribing chris' diary well before bothering to tell it the family or anyone else that they took it from the site of the attack. bottom line is we were not on the phone when cnn was talking to ambassador stevens family. we don't know what aagreement was made, not paid. but -- not made. cnn felt like they got the diary. time to report it because of the security concerns that were there. that fits into this broader story going on right now. the other issue is the state department coming down hard because they are concerned about the family or are they also concerned this is going to add even more problems for the obama administration right now? they have already had issues with the narrative not working
4:35 pm
out. some of the details that they have had to change and correct. this might add more fodder though all of that. >> shepard: it could. >> thank you. >> shepard: you may have noticed governor romney was standing in front of his campaign plane earlier today. the g.o.p. presidential nominee was speaking in pueblo in southeast, colorado, tomorrow he will join the vice presidential come knee paul ryan on the tour bus of the battleground state of ohio. campaign carl cammeron will be along with him. i'm guessing. this was governor rom nips first trip to colorado in weeks or something. >> amazing. yeah. went last week. first time in colorado one of the key battleground states in seven weeks, shep. that is a long time to be off the playing field. >> shepard: why? >> raising lots of money. romney is the first presidential candidate ever had to raise money general election because of campaign finance laws it's kept him off the trail. to a lot of republicans it's kept him from being busy aggressive. they promise every week this is the week they will turn it up and be more aggressive than
4:36 pm
passive. and with six weeks left after tomorrow, they haven't got a lot of time to make good on that promise. they very soon. >> shepard: a number of very prominent republicans have called this last week at best not good? >> yeah. >> shepard: any signs shah the campaign is rattled. >> they are exasperated and frustrated. some aides are frustrated with theiren candidate occasionally when he opens his mouth the wrong thing comes out and they have to deal with the consequences of that as does mitt rom anymore. they think romney doesn't get a fair shake. they think that president obama gets a pass. he gets away with murder and romney gets busted for jay walking every day. they know there is not a lot of time to fix it they have been making promises for months to kick it into high gear. this will really be the week that proves it they know in nine days there is a big debate happening in colorado. so, was there in colorado last night and today. back there for the first debate on october 3rd. they have got to kick it up.
4:37 pm
they recognize if they don't this is going to be very hard for them to win. >> shepard: carl cammeron. great to he sue. have you been watching the redskins? >> all about the patriots and it hasn't been good. >> shepard: it hasn't been good for these officials, either. the great replacement referee experiment has infuriated fans and teams yet again after another horrible week of calls. new demands that the national football league make a deal, save our game, save our sanity. listen to this. all those officials put together cannot cost as much as one tailback. seriously get your act together. plus, an amazing performance for one player on the baltimore ravens who took the field just hours after his brother died in a motorcycle crash. a little nfl as the news rolls on on this monday night. [ ownerd to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better.
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4:41 pm
the weekend the nfl replacement referees. after more blown calls on sunday. players and coaches are pleading with the nfl to make a deal already with the real refs to end the lockout. the calls were so bad the refs admit they had made two serious mistakes in the minnesota and san francisco game. there were questions about touchdowns all day long in washington a furious redskins offensive coordinator even chased the refs into the locker room. and similar scenes played out in baltimore. you can't do that patriots coach bill belichick grabbed a refs arm at the end of the game. he will pay for that he claims he had a question about the field goal in the last second. i bet he did have a question. although on replay the kick barely did appear to be good. but angles, you never know. belichick says some calls still bewildered him. >> it's our job to go out and control. that's what we are going to try to work on.
4:42 pm
can't control anything else. you would have to talk though he is guys. talk to the officials about the way they called the game. talk to the league about the way they called it i don't know. we have got to go out there and call it the best we can. >> shepard: the real refs are at least talking to each other. trace gallagher is live in los angeles. when you look at an organization. if all of the elm employees are bad it's notes employees fault it's the employers fault. get it fixed. >> the nfl players association shep is siding with you they think the referees from this thing appear to be overwhelmed. really overwhelmed. this is a good example of what they are talking about. last year at this time the games this year the games are going 3:14 minutes because of all the mistakes and lengthy reviews. the players association is basically saying we told you so. saying, quote: as we pictured, and explained to you weeks ago the removal of the
4:43 pm
veteran officials from regular season games have left a group of your assessments capable of keeping pace with the speed of the game. here is analyst mike, listen. >> we're seeing way more time with referees bunched together trying to figure out what the call may be. we are seeing way too much time in terms of them interpreting what the rules may be and outright not even know what the official rules actually are. of course the longer the players are on the field, shep. the more the odds go up of them becoming injured at some point. >> that's true. you could not pay me or anyone i know enough to be a replacement represent. how are these negotiations going? >> they are underway. we have now confirmed that roger goodell was directly involved in those negotiations. certainly the nfl won't talk about exactly the details. but they reportedly are still a few million dollars apart. and analysts say do not expect
4:44 pm
commissioner goodell to give in just because of a little bad publicity. listen. negotiating path holds any sort of negotiation of what may still be to come. we may not seem an end to this impasse if we don't get to the bottom of it in the next few weeks. >> even if, for some reason, the league and the refs came to terms tonight and tomorrow. they say it would likely take about a week to get the real referees on the field. however this shakes out, we are looking at least one more week of replacement refs. didn't hurt your giants because they were too good. my chargers were too crappy to really be helped by any kind of bad officiating. >> shepard: four overtime games yesterday. those 10:00 games on your coast it was something, wasn't it? it really was. because of long games a lot of people missed the first quarter of later games.
4:45 pm
lot of unhappy fans. >> jets fans sitting in chairs 4:00 -- whatever, jets. nice to see you, trace. thank you. >> you too. >> shepard: while folks were complaining about the officiating. one player was dealing with an actual tragedy. less than 24 hours before last night's game baltimore ravens receiver tori smith 19-year-old brother died in a motorcycle crash tori smith played through that heartache putting on an incredible performance in the ravens come-from-behind victory. family members say he wanted to do it for his kid brother. >> i didn't want to hurt my team. i came there. the more i was around and the more comfortable i started to feel. i'm glad i came back up here. >> he caught six passes for 127 yards and two touchdowns as his teammates rallied around him. wow. fast moving wildfires forced thousands out of their homes and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds.
4:46 pm
>> spain, crews don't know yet know how to the fires started winds and dry weather along the east coast with making the flames arrested to handle. they say they have evacuated about 2,000 people. this has been spain's first year for wildfires in a decade. philippines. authorities say hundreds of people have been living ill we'llly in an abandoned government compound in the capital city of manila. officials sent in bulldozers to demolish the slum. settlers fought back with rocks and molotov cocktails. riot police say it took four tries to carry out the demolition orders australia, police used a cherry pick tore rescue 50 people stranded during a power outpackage damage. temperatures in the cars topped 100-degrees. >> my main worry with me dehydration. >> paramedics treated some people for heat-related illness. >> united kingdom.
4:47 pm
[cheers] >> it's the world custard pie championships. the rules are clear. >> 6 points for hitting in the face. 5 points if you hit somebody on the chest. the rules do state that if you can have an unusual way of throwing, you get extra points. >> organizers say they bought about 700 pounds of flour for the games and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. another deadly attack in syria. this time children are reported to be among the dead. today a grim prediction from the united nations, that's ahead. plus, the new warning about a disease that global health officials say looks a lot like sars. remember, that's the virus that had people walking around wearing surgical masks. remember? what we need to know about this one as fox reports live tonight. about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute.
4:48 pm
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>> shepard: three kids are reportedly among the latest victims of the slaughter that's ongoing in syria. that's the word from opposition activists now. we have amateur video that is said to show the aftermath of an air strike today in alep poo. it's the most pop plated city in syria. one of the oldest cities in the world. the strike killed five people including three children all from the same family. fox news can't confirm this or the video either. 30,000 people have died since the uprising began a year and a half ago. envoy to syria say the violence is getting worse and could spread across the middle east. david lee miller is live at the united nations now. what else is the edge i have having to say here? >> well, the envoy said the situation is dire in syria. he talked today about what he described as a massive destruction of that country's infrastructure. growing sense of lawlessness. consider this statistic, today
4:52 pm
alone 48 civilians were killed. 22 regime soldiers died. also a shortage of food and the u.n. says it is going to get worse now with the onset of winter. shepard? >> shepard: is there anything on the possibility of a diplomatic solution to this? >> unfortunately, the envoy today gave a very discouraging assess bment ending the blood shed soon. diplomats tell fox that the envoy behind closed doors addressed a security council and he told the council that he recently met with the syrian president bashar assad and that assad told him that he was not going to step down. furthermore, the eni have said the situation although very bad in syria said there is a glimmer of hope. >> >> the situation is indeed extremely difficult. there is a stalemate. there is no prospect for today or tomorrow to move forward.
4:53 pm
but i also told the council that paradox lick now that i have found out more what is happened in the country and the region. i think we will find an opening in the not too distant future. >> that envoy also said that in order to be effective he needs the support of the entire security council. the reality, shepard, is that that is not likely to happen any time soon. >> shepard: no chance of that. david lee miller at the u.n. tonight. david lee, thanks. global health officials say they are monitoring a new virus that appears to be related to sars that likely killed one person and left another critical. the world health organization reports both of these men, one in saudi arabia, the other a citizen of qatar but in london had the same symptoms. pneumonia-like illness, kidney failure, and researchers say they have no idea what these infections are all about. you will recall back in 2003
4:54 pm
sars spread through the asia and killed 800 people. if your parents told you you needed to walk to school bare foot through miles of driving snow, meet the guy who might just have been beat. next, one student's 3,000-mile journey to school and the pictures he took to prove it [ male announcer ] for the saver, and a big first step.
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>> shepard: one man recently spent a month and a half riding across the rivers and baron deserts not the easiest way to get to school. college freshman who paid for the trip by selling old textbooks. never told mom and dad so they wouldn't freak out. started in northwest china. finally arrived at the university in shanghai some six weeks later. logged more than 3,000 miles. roughly the distance from san diego to boston. and he snapped some photos along the way. the 20-year-old said at one point his back side got swallowen from all the time on that bicycle seat. so for a while he stood up to pedal. autistic man whose skills made
4:58 pm
him national inspiration is still wowing the crowds. you may remember this guy known as jay mac. back in 2006 he was a bench chool basketball team. when the coach finally let him play he hit six, count them six three pointers and two free throws in four minutes. the video went viral. duh. he got to meet president bush. is he a baker in upy state new york. this weekend he finished of first marathon 15 place which qualifies him to run in a boston marathon which he says he aims to do in 2014. you go. before we go our team's top five things of the day. amtrak is testing train higher speeds in the northeast. the goal to get to 160 miles per hour. number four, new york city expanding middle school students access to the so-called morning after pill. number three, a judge sentenced a former professor to life in prison for killing three colleagues during a shooting rampage at the university of alabama huntsville. number two, secretary of state
4:59 pm
hillary clinton met with leaders from the muslim world ahead the united nations general assembly. she urged them to stand up against extremists and speaking of, number one, the iranian president ahmadinejad blasted the united states and the united nations calling israel a, quote: fake regime. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1869, two con artists sent wall street to a panic. the nation was deep in debt after the civil war when a financier named jay gould and his partner james fisk tried to inflate the gold market and corner it. they offered bribes to government officials and even the wife of president grant. he eventually saw through the scheme and in retaliation he put $4 million worth of gold on to the market. the price of gold went down and so did the economy. thousands of businessmen lost their shirts and despite all the evidence against them, gold and fifth managed to

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